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About The School

It is a Co-educational School starting from foundation course to secondary level.

  • Foundation Course: Kids to Class II (5 years)
  • Preparatory Course: Classes III, IV, and V (3 years)
  • Middle School Classes: VI, VII, and VIII (3 years)
  • Secondary School Classes: IX, X, XI, XII (4 years)

2. Admission for kids starts at 3 years of age. Complete schooling is of 15 years (5+3+3+4).

3. School initiates provision for digital classes computer education, library, lab etc.

4. Our Team of Senior teachers as well as all the members of the staff are fully engaged and are aware of the social situations and are concerned about the welfare of our students promoting kindness, honesty and integrity

5. Opportunities are open for various curricular and Co-curricular activities. All the students have to participate compulsorily in sports and games.

6. Our staff knows our students well and work with them to ensure their progress effectively both academically, morally and socially.

7.We maintain a cent percent result every year.

8.Our School got recognised by SEBA in the year 1997.

9. Medium of Instruction is English, Assamese and Hindi are taught from the begining